Our Vision


We envision a future of sustainable development, peace and smart climate where every individual has the opportunity to realize their full potential. Harambee Youth Mentorship and Health Advocacy supports and works to enable young people get engaged in contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals 



 Our Mission

“To create a new generation of active and focused young people who are individually responsible, socially active with an upright global stewardship thought, character and better approach outcomes,” we therefore train, empower and advance the next generation of social impact leaders globally.

Our Values

Excellence. We believe in quality results delivered by investing in people.

Freedom. We believe in exploration and experimentation to be agile and responsive.

Respect. We believe in trust, empathy and empowering people.

Teamwork. We believe in diversity, inclusion and the power of global collaboration.

Transparency. We believe in open communication and clear decision-making.

Accountability. We believe in personal responsibility as the foundation of success.


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